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By KathyBrownLaw, Feb 13 2015 06:44AM

March 8, 2013

Today is our four-year anniversary at Kathy Brown Law! We wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for your encouragement, support and interest in what we do and what we say.

I decided to become a lawyer because I wanted to be a more active advocate and participant in helping people who have been damaged. My work as an investigative reporter at WSAZ was an important time in my career — it involved me in human issues that mattered, and gave me the motivation to get my law degree.

But it’s mostly my father who is the reason I am who I am and I do what I do (I did get his sarcastic wit). He taught me to work hard and do the right thing. Hard work is the key to success and treating people right is the only way to live your life. Daddy lived a happy life and was happiest when arguing his point of view (sound familiar)? Today would have been his birthday – the day I opened my firm in his honor. Happy Birthday to both of us — I think he would approve.


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